This Type of Snake EATS HUMANS! RUN If You See It!

Snakes are very strange creatures; they can do anything for their survival. There is a saying that Never Trust A Snake. And today it has been proved. You may have heard about snakes eating rabbit, or any other small animals, but what we are going to tell you will send you to a shock! You won’t believe in your own eyes. But the truth is the truth, we are going to share an incident, which you had never heard, and maybe you will never hear.

All right, guys we are talking about snake eating another snake. You heard right, one snake can eat another of its own kind for the sake of survival. Larger snakes such as pythons and anacondas can often be caught on camera munching on deer, cows and other large animals, but watching a snake consume another snake is quite bizarre.

This unbelievable thing happens on a dairy farm in Kerala, India. The snake spews out a trail of sickly green scales, as the extremely poisonous Green Vine snake emerges, concertinaed, crumpled, and barely alive.

This type of incident never happens usually, a snake eating another snake. The person available on the spot told that the green vine snake was 140 centimeters long and the common Indian krait was just 100 centimeters long and that explains why the krait was experiencing such difficulties in digesting his food.

However, the Indian Krait was successful in removing the green vine snake, which was inside the Indian krait. And finally the Indian krait remains alive rather than the green vine snake. Although, this incident was pretty unbelievable it only signifies that a snake can do anything for its survival, even he can eat his own kind. So, stay tuned for more unbelievable incident.

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