Youth Pastor SHOT And KILLED His Wife And Her Daughter! You Will Be SHOCKED When You Learn Why!

Thanksgiving is a day of reuniting with family, eating delicious foods and giving thanks for everything good we have in our lives. No one expects something terrible to happen on Thanksgiving, because the day is always so full of love and joy. However, for one Virginia family, their Thanksgiving ended in absolute tragedy.

Christopher Gattis, who worked as a youth pastor for a local church, shot and killed his wife, her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend in their home on the evening of Thanksgiving. He then fled the scene with the firearm he used and attempted to evade the police for as long as possible.

Authorities arrived at the Gattis residence after the home’s security system was triggered and not turned off in the allotted amount of time before police are dispatched to the house. When police arrived at the scene, the body of the male victim was lying in the front yard, while the two women were found inside the house. All three were dead when authorities discovered them.

Police were able to track down Christopher Gattis quickly and they brought him in for questioning. So far, he has maintained his innocence, but police have charged him with the murders of the three individuals. A possible motive has yet to be revealed, but those who knew the family did share with authorities that the daughter and her boyfriend had recently moved into the residence and that had caused a little bit of distress for Gattis.

Neighbors were shocked to here the news about the killings in their community. They described the family as a pleasant and friendly bunch who never appeared to have any issues. They say they are so saddened that a day meant to be so nice ended so horribly for the victims.

Christopher Gattis is still in police custody awaiting trial. If convicted, he is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars.

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