Will Smith’s Daughter HATES Being FAMOUS. What Will Smith Did Changed Her Mind!

The daughter of mega-famous actor and singer Will Smith is speaking out about the price of fame and how hard it is to deal with. The 17-year-old revealed that she HATES being famous, but says there is nothing she can do about it. The fact that her father and mother, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, are who they are is something that she has no control over.

Willow Smith really got thrust into the spotlight when she released her song, Whip My Hair, a few years ago. People knew she was Will Smith’s daughter before the song was released, but after the song came out people started seeing her as an individual artist, who could now be subject to the scrutiny of the media.

Willow revealed that at the time of her song becoming a big hit all throughout the world, she realized that fame and notoriety was not something she really wanted to have to deal with in her life. The song was all about swinging her long, colorful braids around, so she decided to shave all her hair off in order to detach herself from her success and attempt to minimize the attention she was getting.

Willow told reporters that she believes social media has a massive influence on the lives of the children of celebrities. She said that many of her famous friends, who also have famous parents, suffer with depression and insecurities due to the fact that people are always commenting on their lives via social media. Willow also shared that she would much rather just completely remove herself from the public eye and live a life of complete isolation if it meant that people would stop putting their own thoughts and opinions out there about how she lives her life.

Willow’s brother, Jaden, doesn’t seem to share the same sentiment as his sister. Jaden Smith is constantly active on social media and always working on new movies and music to release. While we can understand Willow’s comments about privacy, we think she needs to be grateful for the life she has been blessed with, because there are many people who would be happy to trade places with her.

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