Las Vegas Survivor Died In A Freak ACCIDENT. The Way He DIED Was Not Expected By Anyone!

Roy McClellan was one of the lucky few to make it out of the October shooting in Las Vegas alive. Unfortunately, his luck ran out and he was hit by a car while walking down the side of the road. The suspect who allegedly struck McClellan with their car is still at large.

McClellan attended the music festival that ended with almost 60 people shot and killed by a crazed gunman. No one could have expected the tragedy at the concert to unfold the way it did, but McClellan’s wife revealed that her husband was having a difficult time dealing with the reality of what he had been a part of.

She shared with several sources that in the aftermath of the tragedy, Roy decided to seek treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. She said that he was having a difficult time sleeping at night due to images of the incident replaying in his head constantly. She also revealed that any kind of loud noise would send him over the edge and cause him to shake and lash out uncontrollably.

Roy McClellan’s wife told reporters that she was proud of the steps her husband was taking to try and get better after living through an absolute nightmare. She stated that she did not understand why her husband would be taken in such a cruel and random way after surviving something so many other people didn’t.

Roy McClellan was an avid motorcycle rider who enjoyed taking trips on the long, open road. He often adventured all around his home state of Nevada on two wheels, while taking in the beautiful scenery that the location has to offer. He was also a massive fan of tattoos and had quite a few all over his body. Roy’s wife shared that she will remember her husband as a brave and kind man who enjoyed the simple things in life.

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