Malia Obama’s LEAKED Video of Her Making Out With Guys And Doing DRUGS Is Causing A Stir. Will She Ever Recover?

Harvard freshman and former First Daughter of the United States Malia Obama caused quite a stir this week when video footage of her blowing rings of smoke and a making out with a guy at a football game surfaced online. We’re not sure how well Barack and Michelle are taking the news of their little girl’s antics.

The first scandalous story was the video of Malia attending a football game at her ivy league college. In the video, you can see Malia embrace an unknown young man. The two then engage in a heated make out session for a few seconds, before Malia goes back to smoking a cigarette. The second video that shook the nation was that of Malia hanging out with a group of friends and showing off her less than impressive smoke ring skills. While we don’t know what exactly she was smoking in that video, we have our suspicions.

This isn’t the first time Malia Obama has been caught on camera doing something that her parents may not be proud of. Last year, she was caught playing beer pong with attending an open weekend at Harvard, and she was also seen at a music festival smoking what many believed to be a joint.

Her father, Barak Obama is a known former smoker and has admitted to dabbling in the occasional puff of marijuana when he was a youngster, so maybe she inherited her habits from her father.

The sudden outburst of Malia Obama drama on social media made many people jump to her defense. A lot of people defended the teen by saying that she was just doing normal things everyone her age does and that she should not be treated differently just because of who she is. Another former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton, also spoke out in support of Malia by stating that the kids of presidents should not be subjected to the scrutiny of the media and that they deserve their privacy just like everyone else.

There has been no word from the Obamas about the scandalous evidence yet, but we suspect they’ll be very cool and understanding about the fact that their daughter is just enjoying her time being young.


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