Father With CANCER Found A Unique Way To Stay Inside His Daughter’s Life After His Death!

Bailey Sellars lost her father to cancer when she was just 16-years-old. The loss was traumatic to the entire family, but especially to Bailey, who shared a strong and beautiful bond with her father. Before Bailey’s father passed away, he decided to do something special for his daughter that would let her know he was still with her, even after his death.

William Sellars knew he was dying from the disease that had invaded his body. The thought of leaving his family was something that was very tough for him to accept, but he thought of a way to stay in his daughter’s life for as long as possible. Before William passed away, he went to a local florist shop and prepaid for a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to his daughter every year up until her 21st birthday.

Bailey states that this gift was the only one she looked forward to every time her birthday would roll around. Accompanying the flowers was always a letter written by her father. She said it was always a great feeling to read his handwriting again and to know he was thinking of her, but it was also difficult because she knew that one day the flowers and letters would stop.

Bailey Sellars just celebrated her 21st birthday and received the last delivery of flowers from her father. In a bittersweet and touching post online, she shared with everyone the letter he wrote to her and the beautiful bouquet of flowers that were sent to her. The post has been viewed over a million times by social media users, who have all shared an outpouring of love and support.

Anyone who reads the letter William wrote to his beloved daughter can’t walk away with dry eyes. His words are so full of love and pride for his daughter. They are also extremely comforting and warm, yet sorrowful. Bailey shared that though she is devastated that her father’s gift has now come to an end, she is happy that she still has her memories of him and his letters to cherish for the rest of her life.

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