School Football Team RAPES A Young Girl. The Things She Was FORCED To Do Will Make You PUKE!

Three members of a Pennsylvania high school football team have been arrested after allegedly raping a young girl. The three suspects reportedly forced the girl to engage in various sexual acts while holding a gun to her head. They then released her, but continued to send her threatening messages in order to deter her from going to the police.

According to reports the three suspects and the victim spent their evening at a local fun fair. When it was time to leave, the trio forced the teen girl to go with them to a desolate location where she was assaulted. The victim informed police that she allowed the three boys to do whatever they wanted to her because she was fearful that if she fought back, they would shoot and kill her.

After the attack, the victim revealed that she spent many sleepless nights receiving harassing messages from the boys telling her that if she told anyone about what had happened they would kill her.

Eventually, the teenager worked up enough courage to tell a family member about the atrocity she had endured, and that individual took her to a nearby hospital to get checked out. Luckily, she was familiar with her three assaulters, so when police arrived to ask questions she was able to tell them exactly who her attackers were. Authorities were able to apprehend two of the suspects immediately, while the third turned himself in a few days later.

The three suspects are being tried as adults due to the severity of their crimes, even though they are all underage. The boys are currently awaiting trial, but have been released on bail. They have all been warned not to go anywhere near the victim or to even try and communicate with her.

The victim states that she feels relief knowing that people know about the horror she went through, but that she won’t feel safe until her three attackers are behind bars.

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