Bonnie Liltz KILLED Her Daughter And Herself. Did She Do The Right Thing?!

Bonnie Liltz was convicted of killing her adult daughter who had cerebral palsy. Allegedly, she gave the woman a large quantity of pills, intending to cause an overdose which would kill her daughter. However, Liltz also took a handful of pills that day in an attempt to kill herself, too. Unfortunately, Liltz’ daughter passed away, but Liltz lived.

Liltz’s reasoning for murdering her daughter was something that no one expected to hear. Bonnie Liltz was suffering from a terminal cancer diagnosis. She was aware that her health was failing her, and she was worried that her daughter would not be taken care of properly if she died. She devised a plan to kill herself and her daughter, that way they would be together on the other side. Liltz’s plan didn’t work out exactly the way she had hoped it would.

Bonnie Liltz was sentenced to four years behind bars for the death of her daughter. After three months in prison, an appeal was granted that set her free. However, just last month a judge decided that the appeal was null and void, and she would need to return to jail to finish out the four years she was sentenced to.

Still dealing with terminal cancer, Liltz made the harrowing decision to attempt suicide once again. She wrote letters to her family members and lawyers informing them that she would not survive the next four years in jail and that she did not want to deteriorate in a cell. Liltz’s method of killing herself was the same as her original attempt, only this time the overdose actually took her life.

Bonnie Liltz’s family and legal team has spoken out about her death by stating that they know she is now at peace with her daughter. They shared that all along Liltz’s intention was to look out for her daughter’s best interest and that she thought she was doing what was right at the time. Despite a long illness and many years of being condemned for her actions, Liltz and her daughter have been reunited at last.


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