Body of A DEAD Infant Found Inside A Garbage Bag, What Its Mother Did Will Make You VOMIT!

Brittany Robinson has been arrested for the death of her newborn baby. The body of the infant was discovered by its grandfather while he was rewiring the Christmas lights underneath the front porch of their house. Allegedly, he noticed a garbage bag that he had never seen down there before, and when he opened it he found the lifeless body of a little baby.

Immediately, Robinson’s dad called authorities and told them about the horrific discovery he had just made. While waiting for police to arrive, he questioned his daughter about the baby. She told him that she had no idea she was pregnant and that she gave birth to the baby while he was at work a few days prior to him finding the garbage bag.

Police arrived at the scene and also began questioning Robinson. She told them the same story and informed them that the baby was already dead when it was born. She claimed that she panicked because she was so surprised that she had just given birth and that she decided to dispose of the baby without telling anyone what happened.

An investigation is being carried out to determine if Robinson’s claim of the baby being dead when it was born is true. Police are also attempting to determine if the garbage bag had an impact on the death of the infant. Due to Robinson having an older child, authorities find it hard to believe that she was not aware that she was pregnant. They stated that she has gone through the whole process before, so she should have been able to spot all the signs.

Brittany Robinson is awaiting trial for the charges that she faces. She will be sentenced to many years behind bars if she is found guilty. Her father has issued a statement saying that he is shocked and saddened by the death of his grandchild and that he just wants to understand what happened on the day the child was born.

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