Routine Traffic Stop Turns SINISTER After POLICE Officers Decide To Search The Vehicle of This Man, Find Out What They Found Inside!

When police saw a car run a stop sign, they pulled it over and expected to conduct a routine traffic stop. However, what they discovered in the car was something so random and eerie that they will probably remember this traffic stop for the rest of their lives.

Joshua Davis was sitting in the passenger’s side of the car when the vehicle was pulled over. However, one of the officers who carried out the stop had previously seen Davis driving the car, so he asked for both individuals’ licenses. After running their IDs, the officer was informed that Davis had a suspended license and that the vehicle was his. The officer decided to conduct a search of the vehicle to make sure that no contraband was located onboard. This is when things got a little weird.

The police officer’s suspicion was correct, and he did find drugs hidden in the vehicle. He also found what is allegedly a human skull in the trunk of the car. When asked where the skull came from, Davis refused to give any answers. No matter what the officer asked him, he would not utter a word.

Davis and the driver of the vehicle were both arrested for drug possession and Davis had a further charge of driving on a suspended license. Police have still not been able to get it out of Davis where the skull came from or why he was in possession of it.

Potentially, Davis is a grave robber who sneaks into cemeteries and digs up the remains of the dead. Or, maybe he killed someone and kept the skull as a souvenir. Whatever the reasoning behind him having the skull, it must be fairly compromising seeing as he will not speak about it no matter how hard police try to pry it out of him. A test is being done on the skull to see if an identity can be determined.

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