Broken TV = Getting SHOT 6 Times! This Father Should NOT Have Been Allowed To Have A Daughter!

Neighbours phoned 911 after they heard several gunshots from the culprit’s house. In a seemingly calm neighbourhood in New Hampshire, it’s not every day residents hear gunshots.

“We knew what it was instantly.” Joe Davies recalls the incident, “I looked out of the window and heard a man shouting, then running outside and walking in circles. He was clearly in a state of distress.”

“I looked at my wife and told her to phone 911. I went outside and tried to understand the situation from him. That was when I saw it. A handgun in one hand half his clothes covered in blood. I quickly realized he wasn’t the victim here, he was the shooter.”

Police quickly arrested the shooter, whose name is still unknown, and took him to Hudson Police Department. An ambulance came 5 minutes later and rushed his little daughter to the hospital.

Davies’s wife, Mary says she’s never seen anything more traumatizing, “I saw the little girl being carried inside the ambulance, her eyes were open but she was covered in blood. I couldn’t hold my tears back. What kind of monster would do something like that? And to his own daughter.”

The man was charged with attempted murder, he confessed that he had snapped after he thought his daughter broke his TV, but it turns out she only unplugged it.

His daughter remains in a critical condition in Portsmouth Regional Hospital. The shooter is awaiting a first degree murder charge in the likely events she passes.

Police say the shooter was shaking when they brought him in, he hadn’t grasped the gravity of the situation, he insists it was all like a blackout right before he shot his daughter. He also said he would never even think of doing such a thing, but was upset from his recent divorce and had too much to drink.

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