Has This INFAMOUS Florida Serial KILLER Finally Been Found?! NEW EVIDENCE!

After almost two months of terror, the man who police believe has been murdering innocent people in an area of Florida has been caught and brought into custody.

Howell Emmanuel Donaldson III was apprehended by authorities after a fast food worker informed an officer that a man had come into the restaurant and asked him to hide his gun. The worker refused, and Donaldson fled quickly. Donaldson has been charged with killing four people by way of a firearm.

According to reports, Donaldson began his killing spree in early October. The murders continued throughout November, one happening every few weeks. Allegedly, Donaldson chose his victims completely at random.

He approached them and shot them, sometimes looking at them face to face, sometimes in a drive-by approach and sometimes while they had their backs turned. All of the murders took place within a few miles of one another. There is no reason to believe that any of the victims had any knowledge of who their killer was.

After Donaldson’s arrest, police revealed that they are glad the community can go back to normality once again. They shared that people who lived in the few miles where the murders were taking place refused to take their pets out for walks and were hesitant to stand around waiting for public transportation to take them places. Now, the officers say the town can sleep knowing that the killer has been taken off the streets.

Family members of the victims have spoken out about the arrest of Donaldson, stating that they are pleased to learn that someone will be held accountable for the murders of their loved ones. They shared that though their family members were taken in such a senseless and cruel manner, at least now they can rest peacefully knowing that justice will be served.

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