A NEW Plant Species  Has Been DISCOVERED, Could It Really Be The CURE To Alzheimer’s?!

Scientists in Ecuador have stumbled across a rare plant that they believe may possess elements that will be beneficial in the curing of Alzheimer’s.

The plant, which has been given the name Memorus Ariota, was first discovered when an elderly woman in Ecuador escaped from her room at a nursing home and got lost in the jungle. The woman suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s and was confused about why she was at the nursing home, so she took off running.

While lost in the jungle for six days, she began to eat a variety of berries and vegetation. One of the plants she consumed was Memorus Ariota. As the days went on, the woman claims that she began to remember not only who she was and why she was in the jungle, but a variety of memories that went as far back as her early teen years. When finally found by authorities, the woman told officials that her Alzheimer’s had been cured and that Memorus Ariota was the reason for it.

Initially, her claims were seen as outlandish and just part of her mental instability, but after doctor’s announced that she had been cured of the disease, one scientist, Dr. Jane Parrish, decided to take a deeper look at this rare plant that seemingly had magical properties.

Many tests are being carried out on the plant, as well as the other items that were consumed by the cured woman while she was in the jungle. So far, an element of Memorus Ariota has been discovered which helps damaged brain tissue to heal. While scientists do not believe that that element alone can cure Alzheimer’s, they say that the findings are positive.

Many more years of research needs to be done to determine what other properties are found within the plant and how effective its effects may be on someone with a highly severe case of Alzheimer’s, but this finding is one of the most optimistic that has been seen in a long time.

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