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Nicki Minaj’s Brother GUILTY of PEDOPHILIA. Read What He Said About His Sister!

The alleged victim claims that she was forced by Jelani Maraj to engage in a variety of sexual acts when she was 12 years old. She also states that if she did not comply with his demands he would beat her into submission.

He also allegedly threatened her by telling her that she and her family would be hurt if she told anyone about the abuse. It is not known how the victim and Maraj knew one another or for how long the abuse continued.

Maraj has maintained his innocence from the very beginning, even going as far as to state that the young girl and her family were making up lies to get a substantial amount of money from Maraj and his rich sister. Unfortunately for him, the jury did not believe his version of events and found him guilty of all charges he faced.

Nicki Minaj has never commented on her brother’s legal issues. Whether she believes her brother is innocent or guilty is anyone’s guess. According to reports, she did help bail him out of prison when he was first arrested, but no sign of financial support has been seen since then.

Perhaps Minaj is supporting her brother away from the spotlight, but it appears that she has probably cut off all ties with him, especially due to the overwhelming amount of evidence that was revealed in court showing the sexual assault claims were true.

If Nicki Minaj wants to maintain her spot on the top of all the charts, it is probably in her best interest to distance herself from a convicted rapist at all costs, even if he is her flesh and blood.

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