NICO: The Dog That Went VIRAL For Doing THIS After Hurricane Maria


Definitely, September 2017 was a month in which nature shown how fierce it can be, and how unprepared we are when it comes to a natural disaster. Many earthquakes, storms and hurricanes have happened during this past days, making us wonder if it was the end of the world after all.

After the pass of Hurricane Irma and then hurricane Maria, there was a lot of devastation in the path. Puerto Rico was not excluded of all that, and after some days flooded the Island needed basically to be reconstructed. Fortunately there weren’t many deceases, but a lot of people lost their homes.

Imagine how it feels for an animal to go through such an extreme situation. There are several studies that indicate that natural disasters can be predicted at certain point by animals. Reason why through the Tsunami that happened in 2011 in Japan, many animals tried to escape before it even happened.

But what’s a pet supposed to do if it cannot escape home? Well, after all the chaos left by Maria, Nico, decided with the help of his owner to go cleaning the roads by removing branches that fell from trees. This flurry friend and his sister Mika went viral after their owner posted a video on Facebook. The Island needed as much help as possible and they joined their family while cleaning their parking lot.

His owner, Ricardo Hernandez Carro, explained that when the puppies saw them cleaning and moving the branches both of them decided to help, that was the moment they got filmed and later posted online. Definitely, animals are amazing and very intelligent. We all agree these two 4-legged heroes deserve more than a crocket after their adorable behavior.

Nico’s video soon became viral and has now more than 2 million views. We are sure they didn’t do it with that purpose, but they are quite famous now in Puerto Rico. Just as Frida, the rescuer Mexican dog, we know the kindness in Nico’s heart and his willing to help as much as possible.

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