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DYING For A Selfie, The Tragic Reality In India.

The tragedy occurred in a pond in India. What was a fun day for some young people in India became tragedy after one of them died drowned. His friends missed the event when they were posing for the perfect selfie.

The victim was identified as Vishwas G, a student of Bangalore locality, as reports India Today.

With this, it ranks up to a highly increasing dead toll in India; the country with the most selfie-related deaths in the world!

When everyone was in the water, they decided to photograph themselves without realizing that the young Vishwas lost his life drowning, in the memory of his friends can be observed how everyone smiles while the tragedy happens.

Of course, when they find out, they were devastated to find out not only could they have prevented it, but now they had a memory of their friend drowning.

The events were recorded in the vicinity of the city of Kanakapur where the youngsters went to spend a fun day swimming. While their friends were taking a group selfie, the Bangalore university student was drowning without anyone coming to his rescue.

India is the country with the greatest selfie-related deaths, as concluded in a 2016 report, More than 60% of these selfie-related deaths worldwide have happened in India.

In September a 50-year-old man died after an elephant trampled him, when ge got too close in order to get a selfie. Another case occurred with a 17-year-old student who drowned in a Mumbai marine park while trying to get a selfie, when a wave hit her and she was unable to come back up to the surface.

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