Phoenix Police SEARCH For MISSING Mother In Landfill. What They Find Will BREAK Your HEART!

Fortunately, that is now how real life plays out. Crimes suspected to have been committed on disposal sites, usually causes authorities to shut the place down. This ensures that law enforcement can gather what evidence may still be untouched.

You ever throw something into your garbage and wonder if maybe it landed on someone’s face? Maybe someone that wasn’t alive?

Phoenix Police have been searching for a woman named Christie M since March of this year. “I truly hope that she’s okay when we find her,” said one detective. She was last seen leaving her home after telling her husband that she was going shopping for groceries.

Close friends and family were asked for any additional information they could provide. It was necessary to go through all her associate to rule out that someone near her possibly committed murder. “She did have a friend she’d sell next to at the flea market,” said her brother. “They might be responsible.”

The investigation led police to a landfill just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. What they found was something out of a Stephen King novel. Inspector Alvarez told the local paper, “This is the most gruesome crime scene since the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson family.”

It turns out the poor 35 year old mother of four had all her fingers removed, except for the thumbs. Authorities believe leaving the thumbs on the hands may hold significance for both the victim and the person who committed the crime.

“We’re interested in talking to this flea market friend. That’s as much as we can say for now,” a representative for the Phoenix PD said.

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