Police Officer Rescues Twin Babies, The Place He Found Them Was EVIL!

Officer Pat McDonald was on duty when he witnessed the vehicle just a few cars in front of him lose control, cross two lanes of traffic and crash into a tree. Within seconds the car began smoking. McDonald instantly pulled over, called for backup and rushed to the aid of the passengers inside the totaled car.

With the car still smoking, he made his way to the driver’s door where he saw 25-year-old Natalie Jones slumped over the steering wheel. Beside her on the passenger’s seat was a syringe and clear bottle. There was a rubber band tied around her arm and injection marks were visible.

As McDonald attempted to remove Jones’ limp body from the dangerous wreckage he heard a small cry from the back and when he looked he discovered twin baby girls strapped into their car seats. McDonald knew he had to act fast to get everyone to safety.

As he pulled Jones from the car and carried her body a safe distance away from the crash site, the front of the car suddenly burst into flames. He sprinted back to the vehicle and unstrapped the twins from their seats as quickly as possible all while the flames inched closer. Once getting a tight grasp on both babies, he raced from the car to safety. The vehicle exploded shortly after.

Natalie Jones and her babies were transported to a nearby hospital. There, Jones was pronounced dead from a drug overdose, but the twins were released to their father’s care later that day with no injuries.

Jones’ mother revealed that her daughter had suffered with drug addiction for several years. Though the family believed she was starting to overcome her demons, she stated that she knew in her gut something like this would happen one day. The family is now expressing all of their gratitude to Officer McDonald for saving the twin babies from a potentially horrific fate.

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