13-Year-Old Convinces A Crowd of People To Commit RAPE! The Way He Did It Was DISGUSTING!

According to reports, the victim revealed to police that she was yanked by her hair while she was walking home. Three men, two of whom she recognized as classmates, forced her into a car.

She claims the boys hit her and used a knife to cut her chest. They then covered her mouth and drove her to an apartment. She alleges that the two teens she knew as her classmates then spent hours raping her while the third boy filmed the entire thing.

Detective Joe Palkovic described the incident as a very unique situation due to the severe nature and violence of the crime where someone waited for a specific victim, moved her to a remote location and then raped her.

Even though the teen boys threatened to attack her again if she told anyone, she went right to the authorities. According to documents, the 13-year-old girl who constructed the attack did so in hopes of gaining financially. She reportedly informed one three boys that if he got her video footage of the rape, she’d repay him with a night that would be worth their while.

Police officials are considering any link between the victim and 13-year-old. They revealed that there may be a connection between the victim and the young girl where an online threat occurred on the 13-year-old’s behalf, but they are still looking into it.

Reports show that the young mastermind reached out the boyfriend of the victim online just days before the attack occurred. She allegedly informed him that she had people lined up who were going to attack his girlfriend and try to get money out of her. She also reportedly invited him to take part in the abuse because it would be a good time.

She has since refuted having any part in the attack. She claims that multiple accounts online that pretend to be her.

Hernandez and Guttierres have been arrested on charges of kidnapping, first-degree rape, first-degree and second-degree assault and sodomy. The third boy has not been charged yet, and it is unknown if he will be.

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