A “Catfishing” Attempt Leads To A MURDER. Could This Happen To YOU?!

51-year-old Clint Boyd was a construction worker in upstate New York. He was married and had three teen daughters when he decided he was bored of his everyday life and decided to spice things up. He joined an online chatroom for teenagers and pretended to be an 18-year-old named Chris Myles, who had just joined the military.

In the chatroom, he began a relationship with a 17-year-old girl from Wisconsin. She told him that her name was Kerri and that she was a senior in high school. Their online relationship blossomed over the course of five months until Boyd’s wife stumbled upon the affair after Boyd had left his laptop open in their living room.

Instead of confronting Boyd, his wife sent Kerri a picture of what the man she was talking to really looked like and told her the truth about him. Kerri immediately broke off the relationship.

Clint Boyd’s wife and their three children moved out of the family home and Boyd was served with divorce papers several weeks later. He incessantly attempted to contact Kerri and tried to convince her that someone had hacked his computer.

Kerri, unsure of who to believe, reached out to another person on the chatroom whom she knew was real-life friends with ‘Chris Myles.’ The friend, a coworker of Boyd’s told her that the woman who had sent her a picture was telling the truth and that Myles was, in fact, 51-year-old Clint Boyd. From there, Kerri and Boyd’s coworker struck up a relationship.

When Boyd found out that his fellow colleague was now engaged in an online relationship with the girl that he had ruined his marriage for, Boyd allegedly went into a blind rage. He showed up at work one day with a shot gun and killed his coworker while he was sitting in his car.

Kerri, being thousands of miles away, remained unharmed and unaware of any altercation that had taken place until police arrived at her house and questioned her several days after the killing.

The biggest plot twist to this story, however, was the discovery that Kerri was not a 17-year-old high school senior, but a lonely 45-year-old librarian who used images of her niece to talk to men online.

Clint Boyd currently awaits sentencing at a New York prison.

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