The Kardashians And Jenners Want To Buy GUNS, Find out WHY!

It can be dangerous being a part of the most famous family in the world. With the fame comes all the crazy people thinking they have the right to get close to you and invade your privacy. A few members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have decided that they are going to take their safety into their own hands. They want to carry guns.

Kendall Jenner has previously had a stalker go to jail because of his obsession with her. He would show up at her house and once even entered her residence.

Luckily, she was not home. Kendall says that she has new people every day sending her creepy messages and following her wherever she goes, so she wants to make sure she has added protection just in case one of her stalkers ever tries to attack her one day.

It seems like Kylie and Khloe are on board with the plan to get their own guns, as well. They, too, know how scary it can be to have people invade your space, so they fully support Kendall’s decision to purchase a firearm.

However, the one person who knows all too well how terrifying people breaking into your home can be is adamantly against getting a gun. Kim Kardashian states that she will never own a gun and that she will not let her children stay at any of her sisters’ homes if they have a weapon.

She states that even though she was robbed at gunpoint while she was completely unable to defend herself, she will never own or shoot a gun because she does not believe in it. She also reveals that she is too scared that one of her kids may find the firearm one day and accidentally hurt themselves or someone else.

Of course, if the Jenners and Kardashians do go through with purchasing guns they will have to get the proper permits and licenses. Let’s hope they do plenty of target practice, too.

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