KIDNAPPED Woman Discovered In A Forest! Her Story Is Truly UNIQUE!

A group of people who ventured into the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree discovered a lot more than they bargained for. According to documents, the group stumbled upon a frail and half-clothed woman hiding in the woods. She had allegedly been left there by two people who had kidnapped her.

The group immediately called for authorities and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. She was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia. The woman informed police that two people, Johanna Knighten and Fred Sanderson, had accused her of stealing their drugs. The pair brutally beat the woman and then threw her into a vehicle.

The victim was taken out into the middle of the woods, where she was forced to strip off all her clothes except for a pair of shorts. The two assaulters then ran off leaving the woman alone.


She revealed to police that during the night she drank water that had collected on the ground and that she found a hollow tree trunk where she attempted to avoid the rain and freezing cold temperatures.

The victim was able to tell police the names of her attackers, as well as the kind of car that she was driven to the woods in. Authorities were able to apprehend Knighten and bring her in for questioning. They are still searching for Sanderson who they believe may have fled to a different state.

Knighten maintains her innocence and says that she has no clue who the victim is or why she would claim that she kidnapped her. Police, however, do not believe her story and are investigating her car to determine if there is any evidence that proves the victim was inside it or that the car was driven to the woods. If convicted the attackers are looking at spending a good few years behind bars.

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