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Man Convicted of Strangulation Chokes To DEATH On A Chicken Sandwich!

Lance Pearce, 34, died in jail after choking on a sandwich amongst other items. Pearce was in custody for the death of Blair Dalton who passed away after being strangled.

Authorities think that Pearce intentionally consumed a chicken sandwich wrapped in plastic, as well as packets of sugar and other objects. His death is not being investigated as a suspicious incident.

Lance Pearce was originally charged with the attempted murder of Blair Dalton, the mother of one of his children, but after she passed away in a local hospital his charges were changed to murder.

Pearce’s family released a statement soon after the charges were brought upon him showing their support during this difficult time which said they are going to have his back despite of the horror of the crime.

Lance Pearce, who has been placed on suicide observance, was given breakfast by police officers. When they returned to his cell a few hours later, they found him dead.

A fundraising page has been created to collect money for Blair Dalton’s family and has so far raised a significant amount. Her family describes the 35-year-old as a caring and beautiful woman who loved everyone.

Allegedly, when Pearce stood in court for the charges of attempted murder, he reportedly kept asking if Dalton was okay and denying that he intentionally hurt her.

Reports share that Dalton moved back to her hometown in order to get away from Pearce and the volatile relationship that she had endured for years.

Blair Dalton’s family decided to donate her internal organs after they painstakingly decided to take their daughter off of life support machines.

Her father, Robert Dalton, shared in a post that though his daughter is gone, she is still helping people just like she did when she was alive.

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