This Man CUT OFF His Dad’s PENIS And Bashed His Skull. Was There Even A Motive?

When police arrived at the home of Carl Edmondson the last thing they expected to find was his dead body with his brain splattered everywhere and his penis also cut off and lying beside him. Authorities were notified by a family member of Edmondson’s when they saw his son wandering around his home. The son, Carlton Edmondson, had just been ordered by a judge to stay away from his father and his house.

Allegedly, Carlton showed up at his father’s house with a knife and a bat and confronted his father for an unknown reason. One thing led to another and Carlton ended up pushing his father down a flight of stairs that led to the basement.

While his father was on the ground, Carlton swing his bat several times, crushing his father’s skull and splattering his brains everywhere. He then took the knife and proceeded to cut off his dad’s penis. The police have been unable to determine a motive for the killing.

Carlton Edmondson has been in and out of jail several times for various reasons. The court order that was put in place ordering him to stay away from his dad was allegedly enforced because Carl Edmondson was scared that his son was going to hurt him one day, but authorities still don’t believe that one ruling would push Carlton to go as far as brutally slaying his father.

While standing in front of the judge, Carlton Edmondson made several outbursts stating his innocence in the crime. However, he also referenced the protection order his father had against him by saying that it is no longer in place because his dad is now dead. The judge ruled that Carlton Edmondson must undergo psychiatric evaluation because his behavior while in court was worrying and very characteristic of someone who is suffering from a severe mental disability.

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