Man Found GUILTY of BEHEADING His Former Female Coworker, And Says That She Deserved It For What She Did!

33-year-old Alton Nolen has been found guilty of murder in the first degree for the 2014 beheading of his 54-year-old coworker, Colleen Hufford.

Jury members spent two hours debating on a verdict. They also found Nolan guilty of using a weapon to assault an individual in his efforts to behead another coworker during the fatal incident that took place at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma.

Detectives shared that Nolen had been let go from his position at the company when he entered the business’ office building and assaulted Hufford. Officials claim that he then wounded another individual before being taken down by a company employee.

Throughout Nolen’s trial, prosecuting attorneys played clips of Nolen admitting to the accusations. In the soundbites, Nolen can be heard saying that he has no remorse for his actions and that he did what he believed was necessary.

Alton Nolen’s lawyers allege that he is mentally unstable and that he thought he was carrying out the words of the Quran. However, the prosecution argued that he was well aware of right and wrong before beheading Hufford.

Reportedly, Nolen had continually attempted to plead guilty to his charges and even request to be sentenced to death, but the judge would not accept his plea.

During the trial, an individual who was present at the time of the attack revealed that Hufford was completely taken off guard when Nolen snuck up behind her and slashed a knife across her neck. The witness also said that he attempted to get Nolen off of Hufford, but that Nolen was too strong to disarm.

Throughout various hearings in this case, Nolen repeatedly told the judge that

he would only be happy with a sentence to be executed and not a life in prison one. However, the judge told him that by pleading guilty his sentencing would be placed in the judge’s hands, not his.

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