Man MUTILATES PREGNANT Girlfriend With SCISSORS. What He Did To Her BABY Will Make You PUKE!

A judge in South Dakota overrode a plea deal to sentence one man, Tony Ledbetter, to 45 years behind bars for mutilating his pregnant girlfriend after he rendered her unconscious when she tried to break up with him. What he did to her is something that not even the most twisted of individuals could ever think of doing.

Ledbetter allegedly fought with his girlfriend because she was attempting to leave with him. He became enraged that she wanted to take some time away from their relationship, so he began to attack the pregnant woman.

His beating left her on the floor unconscious, and while she was out cold he used a pair of scissors to cut off her nipples. The victim says she believes he chose that part of her body to mutilate because he knew how much she wanted to breast feed her newborn baby.

The victim revealed in court that she has been left with severe psychological and physical scars thanks to the actions of Ledbetter. She shared in court her devastation toward not being able to nourish her child in the way that she had always hoped she would.

She also spoke directly to Ledbetter, asking him why he decided to ruin her life in such a horrific manner. Ledbetter refused to look at or answer the woman.

The judge decided to completely disregard a plea deal that Ledbetter had made after hearing from the victim. He stated that the plea deal was not going to make Ledbetter serve enough time for the cruel attack that he carried out on his girlfriend.

He stated that it was obvious that the victim had been severely traumatized by the attack and that Ledbetter needs to suffer consequences that are equal to the horror he caused the victim.

After the sentencing, the victim spoke out by saying that she is pleased that Ledbetter received punishment for what she done, but no amount of jail time will make up for what he did to her.

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