Woman Murders Dinner Guest For NOT Sharing His COCAINE! The Details of This Story Are INSANE!

And the winner for most insane dinner party ever goes to: Anenia Hare. Hare allegedly killed a man that she had invited over for dinner because he did not offer her any of his crack cocaine. Hare has been charged with murder in the second degree.

According to reports, Hare and her husband were hosting a small dinner party at their house. One of the guests, Edward Caliph showed up for dinner just like everyone else who was invited. However, when he got there he immediately began to smoke his crack cocaine. Hare witnessed what he was doing and was sent into a rage because he had not asked her, the host of the party, if she wanted any of his drugs.

Hare allegedly grabbed a knife and blocked the front door of her house. As Caliph attempted to leave, Hare began waving the knife and shouting obscenities at him. After realizing that he would not be able to calm down the crazed dinner host, Caliph tried to escape from the residence by breaking a window on the ground floor. He was almost able to make it out, but Hare got to him and pulled him back into the home. Caliph had just enough time to draw the attention of a neighbor who he asked to call the police.

When police arrived, they discovered Caliph on the floor underneath the broken window. He was transported to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Surprisingly, the cause of his death was not stab wounds, but from a different kind of bodily trauma. The specific details of his autopsy have yet to be revealed to the public.

Anenia Hare remains in custody while she awaits trial for the murder of Edward Caliph. If found guilty, she could be sentenced to a lifetime in jail.

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