Father Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Learning That His Daughter Was BEATEN By Her Boyfriend. Did He Go TOO FAR?!

Allegedly, Pietrzak’s girlfriend had told her father that Pietrzak was beating her and she reportedly asked her dad and his friend to do something about it.

Pietrzak’s dead body was discovered a mere three miles from the house he shared with his girlfriend. Pietrzak’s family claimed that his girlfriend is pregnant with his baby and that the child is due within the next few months.

Authorities discovered the lifeless body after they got an anonymous call about the killing. The person on the line informed the officers that a person called Anthony had received a fatal beating and that his body had been dismembered.

Sgt. Dave Walker, the head of the homicide team at the local police station, stated that a bystander informed investigators that they had witnessed a tied-up man being tortured, before being tossed into the bed of a truck outside Pietrzak’s house.

Jeanne MacKenzie, a local police official, shared that the reports of Pietrzak’s body being dissected were untrue. However, his body was hogtied when located by authorities.

Reports indicate that Dearld Peal, the father of Pietrzak’s girlfriend, told officers that he was aware that Pietrzak was going to be killed, but that he was not there when the incident actually took place.

46-year-old Dearld Peal and his friend, Tracy Price, have been arrested and charged with counts of kidnapping murder in the first degree.

Evidence found at the crime scene and through further investigations have revealed the possibility that a third suspect may have taken part in Anthony Pietrzak’s murder, but authorities are still working to determine the accuracy of that evidence.

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