Katie Holmes TRASHES Tom Cruise! Find More DETAILS Here!

Things have recently been looking up for actress Katie Holmes (38.) Coming off the recent success of the TV miniseries The Kennedys, Holmes received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy. Likewise, she recently admitted to being in a relationship with actor Jaime Foxx (49) after being spotted holding hands on the beach in California.

Holmes has always made it clear that her biggest joy in life is her daughter Suri Cruise (11.). Ever since Suri was born on April 18th, 2006, Holmes has her the number one priority. “Her entire world revolves around Suri,” says an insider. “Being a good mother is more important to Katie than anything. More than her career, her relationships, her reputation, anything. Suri comes first, always.”

Holmes has been mostly gracious in the years following her 2012 divorce from Suri’s father, Mission Impossible superstar Tom Cruise. Though the couple split for a variety of reasons, the actor’s dedication to Scientology along with a reportedly obsessive work ethic were two of the most driving factors on Holmes’ end. Rather than loudly speak out against her ex-husband in the media, Holmes kept largely to herself.

Her stoic demeanor has recently begun to crack, however. Holmes has been vocalizing her frustration with Cruise over his being an absentee father to their daughter. By some reports, it has been almost four years since Cruise and Suri have spent any time together!

“It really bothers Katie, because Suri is old enough to ask questions,” a source reports. “Suri doesn’t understand why Tom is always too busy to see her, and why he doesn’t call or text her, and Katie doesn’t know how to explain it to her. She doesn’t say anything in front of Suri, but her friends know how disgusted she is with Tom, and so does he!”

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