Kim Kardashian’s DESPERATE Plea To PREGNANT Sister Kylie Jenner. What She Said Was OUTRAGEOUS!

Most sisters never get to experience the anticipation of expecting a child together, however Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are going through the process together. Kardashian (36) and her husband Kanye West recently announced the impending birth of their third child via surrogacy, while Jenner (20) also made news for going public with her pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott.

What should be a joyous time in the sisters’ lives has been overshadowed by Kim’s increasing concern over Kylie’s behavior. The sixteen- year age difference between the two by definition means that they are in two different phases of their lives, and Kim desperately wants to honor Kylie’s independent nature and not overwhelm her with lectures.

After Kylie announced that she was pregnant, however, Kim has been determined to try and guide her little sister through the potentially challenging road ahead of her.

Being a first time mother is stressful enough, but being a first time mother when you are a celebrity is even more stressful. Kim has urged Kylie to take a step out of the limelight for the remainder of her pregnancy so that she can relax and take care of herself, but Kylie is having none of it.

She intendeds to continue working as much as possible, and a none-too-happy Kim is worried that she is not taking the pregnancy serious enough.

Aside from the amount of time Kylie spends working and socializing, Kim has expressed worries over her eating habits as well.

A self-admitted junk food addict, Kylie has never paid much attention to what she was in her body before, and Kim is worried that she and the baby will not get enough nourishment if she doesn’t take steps to develop better nutritional habits.

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