This Lady KILLED Her Husband With The Help of Her MUCH YOUNGER Boyfriend. The Details Are INSANE!

38-year-old Robert Limon was shot and killed by Sabrina Limon and her younger boyfriend, Jonathan Hearn. Allegedly, Hearn revealed that the talk of murder began as a joke in the months prior to Robert’s death.

Prosecutors believe Sabrina Limon and Jonathan Hearn hoped to murder Robert Limon so they could get their hands on his $300,000 life insurance payment, and so they could be together with no interferences.

Sabrina’s defense lawyer, Richard Terry, argued that Hearn was the actual killer. He claims that evidence only shows that Hearn stalked Robert Limon and that he has confessed plotting and murdering the man.

Her attorney also alleges that Sabrina and her husband were swingers, a lifestyle that Sabrina desperately wanted not to be a part of. Reportedly, she began to feel like her husband no longer wanted and respected her because of the nature of their relationship.

Richard Terry shared that Sabrina fell in love with Johnathan Hearn because he made her feel special and like she was worthy of something other than just being passed around for sex.

Initially, Sabrina and Hearn discussed killing Robert Limon by poisoning his favorite banana pudding that he ate daily. Allegedly, they even carried out a practice run on a dog in the neighborhood.

Then, they thought about setting Robert’s car on fire with him inside. But, ultimately Johnathan Hearn ended up shooting Robert Limon with Sabrina Limon standing nearby.

27-year-old Hearn pled guilty to his charges of voluntary manslaughter looking at up to 25 years in prison. Sabrina Limon is supposed to be sentenced for her crimes in early November.

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