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Las Vegas SHOOTER Wanted To Plant A BOMB, His Motive Will DISGUST You!

The Las Vegas gunman is thought to have planned more deadly attacks, and even planting a car bomb, officials have stated. Ingredients that can be used to make lethal explosives have been found in the shooter’s car and home.

The despicable shooter, 64-year-old Stephan Paddock, opened fire on concert goers from his hotel room overlooking some 400,000 people in what is now being considered the deadliest mass shooting in the history of US. His motives, up to this point, remain unknown.

Police say they are working tirelessly to figure out what drove the shooter to kill 58 people and injure up to 500. Paddock’s death being the 59th, as he was found dead when the police raided his hotel room, he had shot himself dead.

It was later revealed that he had planned to stay in the Chicago hotel right next to Lollapalooza, where Malia, Barack Obama’s daughter, had attended. He looked into hotels in Boston that hosted Red Sox events, police say he may have caused even more destruction.

A mystery woman is also believed to have a connection with the incident. Police are searching for her as she was seen with the shooter shortly before the massacre took place.

Although a connection has not yet been established between the culprit and the woman, police say this is possibly the only lead they have at the moment, and that finding that woman is essential for their investigation.

It seems like the only thing missing is motive. Why did a 64 year old accountant-turned professional poker player take part in such destruction? No suicide note that we know of. No grudges held or agendas indicated. Even his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has says he never seemed like he could plan an act of violence no terror on anyone.

Hate finds a way, and we find ourselves standing yet again in a healing garden, mourning the loss of a number of innocent souls with an identical number of trees in a half acre plot, wondering when enough is enough.

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