This Man Beat The World Record For Most Cupcakes Eaten Under A Minute. You Won’t BELIEVE How Many He CONSUMED!

Randy Patterson is the newest entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. His accolade: eating the most cupcakes in one minute. Just how many did he eat? Keep reading to find out.

Patterson claims that he has been training for this achievement for about three years. It all started when he attended a friend’s birthday party where cupcakes were served instead of the classic birthday cake.Patterson alleges that he ate about 10 cupcakes over the course of the party, which made him wonder how many cupcakes a person could consume in a certain amount of time.

As he researched, he found out that the world record was currently held by a man in Sweden who was able to consume 23 cupcakes in the space of one minute. From that moment on, Patterson decided that it would be his mission to beat that record.

For the last three years, Patterson has been engaging in a variety of techniques supposedly capable of helping him stretch his stomach and swallow as many mouthfuls as possible in a short amount of time. After three months of training, Patterson decided to take his first stab at the task. In a very sad attempt, he was only able to eat three cupcakes in a minute. He knew that he had a lot of work to do.

Randy Patterson spent every moment of his free time preparing to beat this world record. His summer vacations were spent entirely on training, and his mother reveals that an extortionate amount had been spent over the years on cupcakes.

When Patterson decided that his work was done, and he was ready to try and break the record, he contacted Guinness World Records and they sent out an official adjudicator to oversee his attempt. Patterson took his position and began consuming cupcakes at a rate that seems almost impossible.

When the judge called time, it was revealed that Patterson had consumed a whopping total of 39 cupcakes, a score that completely smashed the previous record. Now, Randy Patterson’s name and image are going to be printed in the Guinness Book of World Records until the day some brave individual decides to try and knock him out of first place.

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