Mom Goes To Pick Up Her Son From Daycare. What Happened Next Will SHOCK You!

As Debbie McGee walked through the front doors of Happy Faces Daycare in Champtown, Alabama last week, she allegedly stumbled right into a trap that had been rigged up by a devious (and remarkably intelligent) infant.

Reportedly, an unnamed 10-month-old had smeared a clear diaper rash ointment on the wooden floor around the front doors. As McGee stepped onto the slippery surface, she slid a good 15 feet into the building before losing her balance and landing on her back. When she attempted to right herself and get back on her feet, she realized she could not feel her legs. An ambulance was called immediately.

When the paramedics arrived, they placed McGee in a neck brace and lifted her onto a gurney. It was then that the true culprit of the injury was discovered: a Lego block. Authorities reveal that after an intense investigation and several scenario recreations with stunt women, it has been determined that the Lego block severed a vertebra in McGee’s back.

Falling just one millimeter in any other direction would have caused a gnarly bruise at most. Unfortunately for this mother, luck was against her.

Reports share that Mrs. McGee has been told by doctors that she will require the assistance of a wheelchair for the rest of her life and that she will never regain feeling from the waist down. This news comes as a huge shock to McGee and her family, but they have an optimistic look on the future thanks to the support and care they have received since the fateful incident.

McGee says that she has no desire to press charges on the 10-month-old who many believe is at fault. However, she has revealed plans to sue Lego with a hefty $25 million lawsuit.

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