Kylie Jenner Has HIV?!! Her Ex-Boyfriend Reveals The TRUTH!

The 20 year old reality star has proved she’s the weirdest of them all, recently posting videos showing her “belly bump”, which has raised questions concerning whether or not Kylie’s expecting. Her latest snapchat video almost confirmed the rumour, Kylie was seen with a very noticeable belly bump, with larger cleavage supported by a sports bra.

So, yes, it seems like Kylie might actually be expecting after all, however, according to one of her past lovers, it looks like pregnancy rumours aren’t the only thing she’s yet to address.

A man claims he went out with Kylie on a few dates before she stopped texting him back. He says they hooked up one night after a night out with friends and that he tested positive for HIV two weeks after. He claims Kylie was the only girl he didn’t use protection with, and that she never mentioned it to him.

“It seems like they’re really keeping it in the lows.” Said the 23 year old ex-boyfriend, who refused to share his name “You look at Kylie and you see a 20 year old with a dozen past boyfriends. I mean, someone’s gonna notice, right?”

There are no news about Kylie testing positive for HIV. The unnamed man insists it was her who inflicted him with the sexually transmitted disease.

“I only went out with Kylie for 3 weeks. I actually liked her, she was still on and off with her past relationship with Tyga and I knew I was probably a rebound, but I thought something genuine might come out of it, and the only genuine thing I have right now is an STD.”


He says that he’s not planning on suing her, because “When did someone ever sue a Kardashian and win?”, but he feels the need to come out and share his traumatic experience with everyone, so that they don’t make the same mistake he did.

“Whatever you do, no matter how famous she is, no matter how hot she is, always wear protection, or have her tested or something, you never know when it hits you. Thanks to Kylie, I am taking vigorous antiretroviral therapy every day for the rest of my life.”

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