Little Girl Finds DRUG Dealer’s TREASURE, What She Did With It May Surprise You!

Even as advocacy groups pop up left and right in support of recreational marijuana, the government continues to make things difficult. In one state, four out of the five council members on the Control Board are completely against its use in any form.

In both Washington State and Colorado, things have gone so well the surplus gathered in taxes was split between the citizens of each state. Colorado has earned enough to make education free at the community level.

Despite support for medical and recreational use in Fresno County, the council voted to ban it outright. Even with the cities and states that have specified regulations and restrictions, trafficking and use continue to happen. But what are we do when such things never go as planned? What do parents do when these restrictions make it even easier for children to get ahold of marijuana?

Earlier this October in Stanislaus, California, a major drug bust was executed thanks to a 6 year old girl named Maria. When her parents Ramon and Josefina were out to get pizza for her and her 15 year old brother Jesus, the siblings decided to go for a walk around the back of the house.

The family’s house is situated on a street where the back door of everyone’s residence faces a river. The siblings had been walking along the banks for about 15 minutes before the little girl noticed something her brother did not. There was a cinder block with a string tied to it leading down into the water.

Without notifying Jesus, little Maria pulled at the string until a large garbage back came up on the bank of the river. Hearing the splash as the bag popped up, the older brother ran down to see what his sister had found.

Curious about what was in it, the little girl ripped the bag open to find out what was inside. She had found vacuum-sealed packages. Not taking his sister away as soon as the bag came out, Jesus couldn’t stop his curious little sibling from ripping that open as well.

As soon as the package opened, she turned away and told her brother “Ew, why do these sticks stink?” Little Maria had found an industrial sized garbage bag full of marijuana, with a street value of over $2 million.

Jesus called grabbed up his sister before she could destroy anything else. He proceeded to call the cops and let them know what his sister had found. Both parents were very proud that their son had done the right thing.

Vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana? That’s a little too sophisticated for some small-time criminal.

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