Teenager DIES SUDDENLY From Energy Drink! Is Red Bull Going To Be BANNED?!!

During summer 2014, Lanna Hamann went on vacations to Mexico with her parents and some friends. Absolutely no one would’ve imagined what happened to her in that fatidic trip. After some days, while getting suntanned, Lanna suffered a sudden heart attack. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but in spite of all the effort made by the doctors, she died that afternoon.

At the very beginning, her death was a complete mystery. How can a young, active, healthy, sportive and happy girl could’ve gotten a heart attack all of a sudden? People began wondering, since she even practiced football. Maybe her heart wasn’t ok after all, just theories and fake conclusions that people held in order to get an explanation of such a horrible event.

Still very depressed with the news, Lanna’s Mom, Kris expressed an information that left everyone shocked: During the day of her death, Hanna didn’t drink any water. Instead of that, she had a whole can of Red Bull (Energetic drink).

Kris didn’t know if this could’ve been related to her daughter’s deceased but she felt that this was a very important fact to mention. Weeks later, Dr. Jack Wolfson, heart specialist confirmed Kris’ theory. Lanna was addicted to energetic drinks, and abused them many times before.


A deadly combination of Sugar and Caffeine is the principal ingredient of all these popular drinks; and when drank in a regular basis they can cause deadly consequences, even for super healthy people like Lanna. There are medical tests that show the damage these drinks can cause, like changes in the cardiac rhythm and blood pressure affections.

Kris tells her daughter’s story to warn people about this terrible and mortal habit that many young, super active people decided to follow in a daily basis. Sleeping has been left in second stage and a healthy diet is every time more exotic nowadays. This situation can happen to ANY of you, at ANY moment, prevention is important if you appreciate your life.


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