Dangerous Turtle BLAMED For The DEATHS of Inoccent CHILDREN!

There’s nothing animals love more than both inspiring and funny stories about animals. Our furry and scaly friends can be the source of some hilarious and heart-warming stories. Many videos have been released of animals doing crazy things, from hippos helping a Zebra get away from a crocodile to a small dog pulling its friend out of traffic.

Honestly, the most interesting story I’ve heard about a tortoise was just The Tortoise and The Hare. It was fiction, of course, but more a lesson about moving too fast to see what was most important.

But with tortoises as slow as they are in real life, can they really get all that far?

Regardless of the species or breed of animal, when it comes time to breed, almost nothing will stop them. This was especially true for Jerry, a pet tortoise of about 70 years old.

Reports suggested that he was on a mission to have a date with a special lady named Astrid, also a tortoise, who had recently been moved into the local Jersey zoo. He spent about 24 hours, and traveled about six miles to the New Jersey Zoo before someone picked him up and interrupted the rendezvous.

According to biologists, the average speed of a tortoise is .18 to .20 mph. Depending on the motivation, it can be up to .25 mph, like Jerry.

Thanks to a post by his owner, Joanne, which described him as having a few paint stains on his shell, a representative from the zoo was able to reunite the animal with his family. Until they were informed of where he was found, they had feared that he may have been stolen or killed on his way out of their yard.

“He must have bashed his way out,” Joanne stated when asked about his home habitat.

What a tortoise lacks in speed, they make up for in determination.

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