Woman Lets Her Daughter DIE, Because She Didn’t Have Enough Cell Phone Minutes To Call 911!

34-year-old Jessica Briones has been charged with the death of her 4-year-old daughter after she failed to call 911 because she didn’t have enough minutes on her cell phone.

Reports share that Briones was taken into custody after authorities suspected that she was the cause of injuries found on her daughter, Olivia’s, body when she was brought into a San Antonio police station.

Briones decided to carry her unconscious child into the station after she allegedly began vomiting and would not wake up, instead of notifying emergency services through 911. Olivia Briones was immediately transported to a local hospital where she passed away the next day.

Officials report that injuries they identified on the child’s body included significant trauma to the head, contusions on the face and arms, multiple healing scars, a collapsed lung, black eyes and an inflamed nose among many others. Doctors reported that some of the injuries were from older incidents of physical violence

When questioned by the police, Jessica Briones reportedly confessed to unintentionally trapping her daughter’s arm in a door. She also stated that Olivia had banged her head off the floor just a few days prior to her passing away.

When further interrogated about the severity of her daughter’s injuries, Briones was not able to give a concrete answer. Instead, she simply claimed that her daughter was clumsy and took a few tumbles every now and then.

According to reports, Olivia endured extreme swelling of the brain which is evidence that a sever strike to the head occurred. The official cause of Olivia’s death will be released once an autopsy has taken place.

If found guilty, Jessica Briones could be sentenced to 100 years in jail. Depending on the results of the autopsy, the charges she faces could be amended.

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