Body of MISSING TODDLER Had Just Been Discovered. What Her Father Said About The Disappearance Was UNEXPECTED!

The remains of toddler Mariah Woods have been discovered a few days after the child went missing from her home in North Carolina. The boyfriend of Mariah’s mother has been arrested and is the prime suspect in the killing of the three-year-old. Mariah was last seen by her mother when she was being put to bed on the night she vanished.

Police were informed about the disappearance of Mariah after her mother went into her room the next morning to wake her up and realized that the child was not in her bed. After a thorough search of the home and surrounding area, an Amber alert was issued for the little girl. Several days later, police discovered the girl’s body in a secluded area.

Earl Kimrey, who lived in the house with Mariah and her mother, has been arrested and charged with removing a corpse from the scene of a crime and attempting to cover up a murder. He is currently being held at a local prison. His bond is set at over $1 million.

Mariah’s biological father has spoken out about his daughter’s disappearance and death, stating that he didn’t even know his daughter had gone missing until he heard the alert on the radio. He also revealed that he has no doubt in his mind that Kimrey killed his daughter because she would have yelled and fought if a stranger had broken into the house and tried to take her.

The official identity of the body has yet to be released, as well as an official cause of death, but police are certain that the remains are those of the toddler. A possible motive for the killing has also yet to be revealed, but authorities share the same sentiment as Mariah’s father: Early Kimrey is the one and only person with the potential to harm the innocent little girl.

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