Caught On CAMERA: CRAZED Police Officer SHOOTS Ex-Girlfriend, Then Turns Gun To Himself! The Way All of This Started Is INSANE!

Michael DeMarco, a police deputy in Florida, committed suicide after shooting his ex-girlfriend four times because she broke up with him. The entire incident was caught by the security cameras outside Yuly Solano’s apartment complex. Solano remains in intensive care at a local hospital, while DeMarco died from his injuries at the scene.

In the video footage, DeMarco can be seen waiting in his police car for Solano to return from walking her dog. When DeMarco catches sight of his ex, he leaves his car and confronts her.

The pair walk out of view of the cameras for a second, but then Solano comes back into the shot as DeMarco points a gun at her. She can be seen pleading for her life. DeMarco then shoots her four times before turning the gun on himself.

When authorities arrived, DeMarco was already dead on the ground of the apartment parking lot. Solano was still coherent and clearly in a severe amount of pain. Doctors say she will require several surgeries and endure a long road back to normality, but expect her to make a full recovery.

Michael DeMarco and Yuly Solano had been separated for several weeks before the shooting took place. According to voice recordings taken by the security cameras, DeMarco told Solano that she treated him worse than someone would treat their pet.

Allegedly, the pair broke up because Solano could not deal with DeMarco’s racist comments or obsessive behavior anymore. After the couple split, Solano revealed that DeMarco constantly harassed her by calling her and sending her threatening messages.

Yuly Solano shared that she always knew DeMarco had a violent streak, but that she never expected him to go as far as trying to kill her. She stated that she is just happy to be alive after being shot four times and that she is saddened that DeMarco felt like killing himself was the only way out.

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