Up and Coming US Model Found DEAD on The Side of Jamaican Road. Is There a New SERIAL KILLER on The Loose?!!

Desiree Gibbon, an aspiring model from New York, was found dead on the side of the road in a small town in Jamaica. Her body was badly beaten, and her throat had been cut. She was discovered by some locals who were walking down the street when they stumbled upon her bloody, lifeless body.

Gibbon was spending some time with her grandmother in Jamaica. Allegedly, she was planning on finding work over there while she had a lull in her modeling career in order to make some money to put toward her other dream of becoming a film maker. Gibbon had been living in Jamaica for several weeks before her murder took place.

Documents indicate that Gibbon’s death was the latest incident added to a long string of killings that have been happening in the small Jamaican town. The death toll is currently up to 12 people, but police think that the number will increase over the next few days.

They are now tasked with the job of determining if there is a serial killer on the loose and if so, tracking the individual down. Officials are encouraging people who are not required to travel to the island to stay away for the time being.

Desiree Gibbon’s mother has spoken out about the tragic death of her beautiful daughter. She shared that she does not know what she is going to do without her best friend by her side. She said that she was planning on visiting her daughter in Jamaica within the next week and can only think that if she was with her now this would never have happened.

Gibbon’s mother also spoke about her daughter’s modeling career by noting the great amount of potential she had and how she knows her daughter would have taken the industry by storm if she was given the chance.

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