Daughter Discovers Mother’s DEAD Body In The Basement. Can You Recognize Her KILLER?!

A young girl stumbled upon her mother’s lifeless body after she noticed a trail of blood in her home that led down into the basement. Melissa Byers was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband, Benjamin Byers, at their home and then her body was wrapped up and dumped in the basement. Benjamin Byers has been arrested and charged with murder, among other things.

The girl who found her mother’s bloody corpse told a school official about her finding the next day. The police were then notified and sent out to the Byers’ residence to search for the body. When authorities arrived, Benjamin told them that his wife had not returned home from work a few days prior and that he had not heard from her since.

Police immediately identified speckles of blood on the carpet throughout the house and also noted that attempts had been made to thoroughly clean certain areas of the home. When they entered the basement, they found exactly what the daughter had described: her mother’s body covered in blood and wrapped in a sheet.

When questioned by the police, the daughter told them she never let her dad know she had seen her mom’s dead body because she was scared that he would kill her, too. She also revealed that her dad had been acting very strange in the days leading up to and after the murder.

Benjamin Byers maintains his innocence despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him. Police have yet to determine a motive for the killing, but investigators are working to piece together the timeline of events that ended with the brutal murder of Melissa Byers.

The young girl is currently in the care of other family members, while Benjamin Byers sits behind bars awaiting trial for the slaying of his wife.

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