Georgia Postal Worker SHOT In Broad Daylight. New Evidence REVEALS Who The KILLER May Be!

Tyrika Terrell called police after she noticed that her ex-boyfriend was lurking around outside the post office where she worked in Georgia. Just minutes later, she was shot multiple times as she was walking to her car. Terrell was rushed to a nearby hospital, but doctors were unable to save her life. She was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

After Terrell’s murder, police were on the hunt for her ex, Quantez Tyre. According to documents, Terrell had informed police that he was threatening to kill her, but they assured her to just stay away from him and she would be safe.

What police were not aware of at the time was that Tyre had previously done a stint in jail for attacking another ex-girlfriend of his. If only the authorities would have taken Terrell’s worries more seriously, the entire situation may have ended completely differently.

After shooting his ex in broad daylight, Tyre fled the scene and attempted to hide out from police. He sought refuge at a relative’s home where he believed he would be safe for a few days. He managed to evade capture for four days before police tracked him down at the residence.

When they attempted to gain entry into the property, the realized that Tyre had boarded up and blocked all of the entrances into the home. As police worked their hardest to get inside the house, Tyre started a fire in one of the bedrooms. Within moments, a majority of the home was up in flames.

Authorities were eventually able to gain access into the property and when they reached Tyre they discovered that he had attempted to commit suicide. His attempt was unsuccessful, and he is currently recovering at a local hospital.

Once fully recovered, he will stand trial for the brutal murder of Tyrika Terrell, as well as many other charges he had managed to rack up. If convicted, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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