Missing Army Captain’s Remains Recently Discovered! Are TERRORISTS INVOLVED?!

The remains of a retired Army captain that has been missing for almost three months were discovered in a small ditch in California. Also in the grave was the remains of her beloved dog. Police have arrested Julia Jacobson’s ex-husband, Dalen Ware, for the murders. Authorities revealed that Jacobson’s body was found thanks to information given by Ware.

Julia Jacobson vanished from her home in San Diego in early September. She allegedly told family and friends that she was going on a short vacation to different cities in California, but she was never heard from again. Police discovered her abandoned vehicle a few days after she was reported missing, and after a forensic examination of the car, determined that she had been killed.

Authorities arrested Dalen Ware in connection with the murder of his ex-wife just a month after she went missing, before any sign of a body was uncovered.

Through countless questioning sessions, Ware maintained that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Jacobson. He shared that they had been divorced for two years and really had nothing to do with each other. However, police did not believe his story and continued to press him for information.

Eventually, after weeks of interrogation, Ware told police that he had killed his ex-wife and then dumped her body. He was able to describe the location of her corpse to officials, who then sent out a search team to retrieve Julia Jacobson. She was discovered in a small grave with her pet dog also dead by her side.

Jacobson’s family has spoken out about the tragic news regarding their loved one, stating that her relationship with her ex was very rocky and volatile and that they had often feared for her safety when she was married to Ware. They stated that though they have lost an amazing member of their family, they are happy to know that she has been found and will now be laid to rest with dignity.

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