Mother Faces JAIL Time For Trying To Catch Students BULLYING Her Daughter. Is This Really Fair?

Sarah Sims is looking at spending a possible five years in prison after attempting to catch the students at her daughter’s school bullying her. Sims alleges that her daughter was being tormented by children, but the school refused to do anything about the issue. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Sims revealed that her daughter came to her one day and shared that she was being bullied by some of her classmates. Sims made several phone calls to the school and sent a few emails to administrators informing them about the situation her daughter was dealing with, but no one ever responded to her.

After the bullying continued, Sims decided that she was going to try and catch the bullies in the act. She placed a recorder in her daughter’s backpack, hoping to catch voice recordings of the students who were harassing her.

Unfortunately, the voice recorder was discovered in the girl’s bookbag and she was suspended from the school for having an electronic device on school campus. A few weeks later, Sims was arrested for attempting to secretly record communication between individuals without everyone being aware they were being recorded.

If convicted, Sims could end up serving five years in jail. The school spoke out about Sims arrest by stating that they have a strict rule about no electronic devices on campus and that they are just looking out for their students.

However, Sims argues that the school never attempted to look out for her daughter’s well-being. The school has yet to comment on the allegations that the young girl was being bullied by her classmates and that officials just ignored the attempts by Sims to try and inform them of the situation.

Police have yet to reveal if any evidence for the claims of bullying were recorded by the hidden device.

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