RAPIST Brock Turner Wants A NEW TRIAL. Find Out Why Here!

Convicted rapist Brock Turner has filed an appeal to have his case retried because he and his legal team believe that he was unfairly treated the first time around. Turner’s appeal is an attempt to retract the ruling from the original sentencing that states Turner has to add his name to the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

Turner’s lawyers state that the jury was bias against the student because they were given false information about the location where the sexual assault he carried out took place. They also say that Turner was denied the right to have people tell the jury how great of a person he was in his first trial. They essentially claim that the first trial was set up as a bashing session against the teenager.

Brock Turner was initially sentenced to spend only six months behind bars for raping a woman while she was passed out.

The judge who imparted that sentence revealed that he thought Turner would suffer terribly for the rest of his life if he was given a lengthy jail sentence. After serving only three months behind bars, Turner was set free for good behavior.

This case garnered a lot of attention for Brock Turner and the flaws in the justice system. Many people felt like Turner got off easy with a simple slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting a woman who could not give consent.

They also shared their disappointment in the legal process after the judge seemingly referred to Turner as a young kid who made a dumb mistake that shouldn’t affect him for the rest of his life. The judge clearly didn’t take into consideration how the situation would affect the victim’s life.

Seeing how easy Turner got off the first time around, we find this quite shocking that he wants to rehash the entire situation, instead of just disappearing forever.

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