The Reason This Grandmother Was BEATEN By Her NEIGHBOR Is So RIDICULOUS You Won’t Believe It!

57-year-old Marina Bolton punched and attacked her neighbor, Jo Bates, after an argument about Bates’ grandson’s water gun. Allegedly, the four-year-old boy squirted the toy gun over the fence into Bolton’s garden.

Bates was attacked when Bolton barged into her house and began beating her in front of her two young grandsons. She suffered bruised and injuries to her face and body.

Bates told police that there was already animosity between the two women because Bolton let her dog damage the fence in between their yards and that she had planted giant trees that hung over into Bate’s garden.

She informed officials that she has lived at her residence for over 12 years and never had an issue until Bolton moved in next door.

As she recounted the attack to the police, she told them that one of her grandsons was watering the roses in her yard with his water pistol. When some of the water went over the fence, Bolton flew into a rage and came over to the house where she began attacking Bates while her grandsons watched in horror.

Bates revealed that her grandchildren have been left scarred from the violent incident they witnessed.

Marina Bolton confessed to beating Jo Bates and to damaging her front door. She has been ordered to pay for the door’s repairs and was initially given a 4-week prison sentence and ordered to pay $1,600.

Bolton argued to the courts that she had mental health issues and that the young boy’s water gun sparked a rage in her she couldn’t control.

Marina Bolton claims that the issues between her and Bates began over a dispute about Bates’ gutters and she alleges that Bates’ security cameras point into her yard. She also says that her dog damaged the fence because it was being provoked by Bates’ dog.

Both women have accused each other of various things and both women have denied all allegations.

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