Young Girl Commits SUICIDE After VIDEO of Fight LEAKS Online. What Her Parents Did Was DEVASTATING!

A 10-year-old girl committed suicide after a video of her fighting the bully that had tormented her for months ended up on social media. Ashawnty Davis hung herself in her bedroom after she was picked on by her fellow classmates for engaging in an altercation with the bully. After two weeks in a coma, Davis passed away with her parents by her side.

According to Davis’ father, she and the young girl who had been bullying her for quite some time got into a fight in the school hallway. Several of the students at the school stood by and recorded the fight.

They then uploaded the footage of the fight to a social media app that is very popular with younger kids. Davis’ dad revealed that his daughter thought she was doing something good for herself by standing up to her bully, but it actually made the situation worse.

Allegedly, after the video was posted and shared by a lot of the kids at her school, Ashawnty Davis began to get bullied by even more of her pupils. They would call her names, push her in the hallway and even torment her online. Eventually, the harassment became too much for Davis to handle and she decided to take her own life.

Ashawnty Davis’ parents shared that their hearts are broken by the loss of their daughter. They stated that knowing she was in so much pain due to other peoples’ actions is the hardest thing to deal with. They said that they hope all of the kids who contributed to Davis making the decision to kill herself live with guilt for the rest of their lives.

The school Ashawnty Davis attended and where the videoed fight took place has released a statement saying that they do not condone any kind of bullying or violence and that they are working with police on an investigation into the heartbreaking situation.

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