70-Year-Old Woman SENTENCED To DEATH After Making DEADLY POISON! What She Tried To Do Will Make You Want To PUKE!

A Buffalo Township grandmother was arrested, after police say she was selling marijuana. But the family of 64-year-old Candace Kelly says police have it all wrong, and even threatened to use a taser on a 17-year old girl. State Police went to a home on Kepple Road in Buffalo Township and arrested 64-year-old Candace Kelly. “They forced their way into the house, they were to have left papers, the lawyer says they didn’t leave (expletive),” said Kelly’s husband Roge

Comics are always fun and thrilling and superheroes like Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash and Wonder Woman have always inspired us to do good in this world without thinking twice. We always imagined seeing them in the real world sometimes living the life of a simple being and protecting the mere commoners.

However, one fact that we have neglected while doing that are the villains. The villains actually make the heroes look good don’t they?

One such villains from a famous comic book came real and she was none other than Poison Ivy. The character who loved plants and utilized them to make potions to kill and manipulate people. The humble beginnings of Ivy started at a very early age in the comic world.

However, our real world version of the character took her time in taking interests in plants. A woman named Betty Miller developed ricin which is known to be poisonous and can even cause death of a person who consumes it.

The age of Miller is 70 and he developed the plant based poison in the Wake Robin retirement home in Shelburne, Vermont. The Federal Bureau of Investigation received a call from the old age home of a woman who apparently held a device that could lead to mass destruction.

When FBI searched the premises they found huge amounts of ricin stored in Betty’s residence and she agreed that she had developed an interest in plant based poisons and had manufactured some of her own after researching from the internet.

She even admitted that she had used it on the other residents of the home by mixing it in their food and beverages. The poison, however, did not kill anyone due to the small amounts in which it was used.

When FBI searched her premises they also recovered apple, yew, cherry, castor, foxglove and other plant based components that could be used to develop deadly poisons.

Now when we think of it, Batman already has a 70-year-old villain to take care of and maybe we get a glimpse of him soon. Keep an eye out for a filthy rich man with an appetite for doing good in the howorld and maybe we can track Batman.

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